Secrets of a Jet Beauty


Have you ever wondered what makes a Jet Beauty so radiant?  I grew up with Jet Magazine and still subscribe, in part, because the young women who are chosen as a Jet Beauty help to define a cultural standard.  These women, by their selection as a Jet Beauty, are certifiably gorgeous!  Sure they have good genes to help them along, but often it takes more than waking up each day to get “THAT” look worthy of placement in a national magazine.

So, I’ve gone an done it!  I reached out to several of this year’s Jet Beauties to get their input and tips on fitness, nutrition and healthy living.  They may respond directly to the blog, our Facebook page or my e-mail.  Rest assured, however they reply, I will make sure their words arrive right here!  That’s right, motivation from the Jet Beauties themselves. 

I know I can’t wait!


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